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Elyse Park

I am writing this letter in strong support of Ellen Weintraub Dudley as a real estate agent in Needham. In January 2012 I hired Ms. Dudley as my real estate agent. She was tasked with the sale of my home and the purchase of a new home. Both exchanges were accomplished flawlessly.

When I first approached Ms. Dudley to discuss the possibility of selling my home, she came over to my house and discussed the current state of the market, outlined the process of a house sale, and provided invaluable advice on how to get my house ready to sell.

Impressed by her knowledge of the Needham inventory, access to statistics on the Needham market, and straightforward approach, we decided to hire her.

We followed her advice, and the result was incredible. We received an offer the very first weekend of our open house. Ms. Dudley had artfully marketed the sale of our home, in a way which allowed the perfect buyer to be identified. It was an absolute success. Ms. Dudley skillfully led a brief negotiation, which involved eliciting one offer and making a counter offer, and the process was completed. We were very happy with the money that we received for our home and its swift sale.

Immediately we started to search for a home to purchase. This process was completed within 6 weeks. Ms. Dudley selected homes that were within our price range and desired size and location. We saw many homes until we found the one that was our ideal. During this process I felt that Ms. Dudley was perceptive in understanding what we wanted and directed us accordingly to houses that were potentially desirable for us. Once we found our ideal home, she, as she had with our house sale, skillfully negotiated the offer and counter offer process.

In both of these sales processes, I was impressed by Ms. Dudley’s ability to be direct, honest, fair, and compassionate. She always provided an explanation for both sides of a transaction, carefully explaining processes needed to be undertaken as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each decision. She was strong in her beliefs and knowledge, but never remotely “aggressive” or “pushy.” I respected and trusted her views and felt comfortable in the advice that she was imparting and in her ability to advocate for our wishes.

Both of our home transactions with Ms. Dudley had fantastic outcomes. She was very intelligent and thoughtful throughout the time of our work with her. She demonstrated a high level of integrity throughout our work with her. Her style, strong but open, created an incredibly comfortable work environment. She was incredibly flexible about meeting times and very willingly worked around our schedules. Finally, I felt that her advice was “right on” and was very happy with the outcome.

In close, I highly recommend Ms. Dudley as a real estate agent. I strongly encourage anyone considering a home sale or purchase to meet with her. I am happy to be contacted for questions about working with her.


Elyse Park